Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Acres of Green for Seeding 

Power Seeding

Acres of Green


If you choose not to seed your lawn do not discount the benefits of aerating. We recommend aeration for the long term overall health of your grass. Aeration will open up the soil and give the root system a chance to spread out, building a stronger plant.  

power seeding is the least expensive way to improve the look of your home!

  1. Premium seed.  Our seed is completely free of weeds and “other crop”. Using clean seed is extremely important! This seed is not available at your local home improvement store. Be cautious of companies providing cheap seed jobs. Premium seed is NOT cheap.

  2. Seed bed preparation.  With our equipment and expertise we prepare a seed bed on the entire lawn. This is a laborious and painstaking process but without it seed WILL NOT germinate.

  3. We guarantee our work!  If after 3 weeks of following our watering instructions you are not satisfied with the look of your lawn we will reseed as needed at no cost to you.

Acres of Green provides Power Seeding during September and October. We use the term Power Seeding because we use SLIT-SEEDERS and AERATORS to open up the soil which prepares the seed bed. The condition of your lawn will determine which machine we use however on most lawns we use both. We will rake and hand seed all edges and corners where machines won’t go.

At the time of seeding a starter fertilizer is applied to insure a food source is readily available for new seedlings and for your established turf. 

Seed costs continue to rise industry-wide; however, we empathize with the pervasive need for seeding so we always offer our loyal customers top quality seeding at our lowest possible price.

beginning in August!