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Our Story

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My name is Bo Guise, owner of Acres of Green. I have over twenty years of experience in the lawn care industry and have owned this company since 2000.

I started Acres of Green because I wanted the flexibility to take care of customers on a lawn-by-lawn basis. Other lawn care companies hold their employees to quotas meaning they have to "service" a certain number of lawns per day which only encourages them to service each lawn as quickly as possible regardless of the outcome.

At Acres of Green we take the time to treat each lawn individually based on the customer's specific needs, current weather conditions and the homeowner's landscape goals. So whether we do five or twenty-five lawns in a day we never leave a lawn until we have done everything possible to make it look and perform at its best.

We take care of all of our customers from estimate to treatments to seeding and service calls. We treat EVERY LAWN with the same dedication as we treat our very own lawns. We currently have availability for more customers in Raleigh, Apex, Cary and Holly Springs.

We are NC licensed applicators, undergo extensive training and are knowledgeable and passionate about our job. 

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