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Our Spring 2 treatment is a combination of fertilizer, Pre-emergent and Post-emergent weed controls. The product we are using is a LIQUID requiring that you PLEASE STAY OFF THE LAWN FOR 2 HOURS OR UNTIL DRY.

We treat ALL weeds during every visit to your home. Some weeds are resistant to treatment or slow to respond in cooler weather. We use only the best products available to treat the most difficult weeds.

It’s Mowing & Growing Season! NOW is the time to mow your lawn. Mowing will help with weed control and improve the overall appearance of your lawn.  Keep at 4”.

Our six-application (per year) program  provides fertilization, pre-emergent & post-emergent weed controls and soil conditioning. Everything your lawn needs when it needs it.

Our five-application (per year) program including fertilization and pre- and post- emergent weed controls will have your warm season lawn performing at its best.

We use aerators and slit-seeders to open up the soil and create a seed bed then apply premium turf type tall fescue seed and starter fertilizer.  

Our five-application (per year) program protects  your landscape against disease and insect damage.

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