We use aerators and slit-seeders to open up the soil and create a seed bed then apply premium turf type tall fescue seed and starter fertilizer.  

Our five-application (per year) program protects  your landscape against disease and insect damage.

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Our six-application (per year) program  provides fertilization, pre-emergent & post-emergent weed controls and soil conditioning. Everything your lawn needs when it needs it.

Our five-application (per year) program including fertilization and pre- and post- emergent weed controls will have your warm season lawn performing at its best.

Current Treatment

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Our early fall application is a slow-release balanced fertilizer. Slow-release means that the nitrogen will not be available to your lawn until it gets moisture: this product WILL NOT burn your lawn.

This treatment is designed to release more rapidly with rain or irrigation and will be slowed by hotter/dryer weather. This will ensure that the fertilizer will be available at the proper time for your turf.

Heading into the early fall, this will provide the nutrients necessary for your turf to start to recover from the summer stress however SEEDING IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

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